Winterhaven cleanup

Cleanup crew at the Winterhaven Homeless Shelter
Saturday, a crisp and sunny day a crew of a dozen Sunrise Rotarians, gathered to clean the Winterhaven Residence here in our fair town of the Menomonie.   Winterhaven is a Stepping Stones house used in the winter months to offer shelter for homeless people in need from the November-April. 
We are welcomed at the door by Joan and Tom.   Coffee and treats were ready for us.  Diane's scones were amazing as well.  The crew had wash buckets, brooms, and sponges ready to go. Diane was first with a bucket to attack the upstairs bathroom.  Clean smells wafted through the upstairs immediately.  Next Jim P, Todd and I washed the walls and floors.    Down the stairs we went to start the living room area.  In the meantime, Larry and Todd are fixing windows and washing the glass.  Jim K is on his knees cleaning the inside of the oven.  Todd and Larry fixed the kitchen plumbing, Tom and Joan cleaned the refrigerator and cupboards. Vicki worked to organize the kitchen and clean up the outdated food and wash the leftover pans of bars and cupcakes.  Wow, what productive day.
The house is spic and span-ready for this year's residences.