Dunn County Historical Society awarded the Menomonie Sunrise Rotary Club "History Project of the Year" on Saturday November 4th.  Representing Sunrise Rotary, Kaye Krave Past President and Barb Anderson, Menomonie Noon Rotary.
The Menomonie Sunrise Rotary was the honored guest at the Dunn County Historical Society's annual meeting on Saturday morning.  Sunrise members were awarded the "History Project of the Year" for our work in the restoration of the Caddie Woodlawn House and Park.  The project has been special to MSR for years.  Seven of the MSR members were in attendance.  Barb Anderson from the Menomonie Noon Rotary inspired us to restore and replace the windows and siding back in 2005!  We painted, cleaned and have since taken care to make sure it is presentable to the hundreds of visitors each year that come to visit Caddie!  The last year was a larger more extensive project with signage, renovation and landscaping the park.  Multiple groups and clubs throughout Dunn County came together (with Barb's great organizing skills) and at least 70 different people representing many skills worked hundreds of hours on the park.  A MSR  Foundation grant was made alongside other groups grants and donations to help this restoration and to continue to support with continued education on Caddie Woodlawn's heritage.  A true labor of love for our Caddie!