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Angela Ruppe - Director, Fostering Success Jan 23, 2020
Fostering Success Program - UW Stout Student Support Services

Fostering Success (FS) has been selected as one of two lead benefiting charities for next year's Rotary Fest.  Directory.Angela Ruppe and Gail Mentzel, Program Advisor, will give us an overview of the organization and how they plan to use funds from the 2020 Rotary Fest.  


FS provides guidance and resources for youth who have been in foster care, homeless or orphaned and who have an interest in pursuing higher education. FS also provides information.  FS also provides information for other campuses interested in developing their own version of Fostering Success.


FS coordinates overnight experiences for youth (ages 13 - 18) to learn about what college is about, identify personal strengths and what opportunities exist for outh interested in higher education.  


FS educates students coming to Stout about available grants and scholarships as well as providing supplemental advising about other courses and resources.  There are numerous leadership and involvement opportunities available on and off campus. FS connects incoming students with other students, organizations, or opportunities to you make the most of the incoming student's college experience.  

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